Advanced Herbal Medicine course

Advanced Herbal Medicine course

This is my advanced course in home herbal medicine.

This course is currently unavailable. Please get in touch for more details.


Topics covered in the course:

  • How do herb dosages work?
  • Learn how to combine herbs
  • Learn to find the right remedy for you
  • Advanced tincture making techniques
  • How to use medicinal mushrooms
  • Free access to my How to use tinctures at home course
  • Free access to my How to make your own herbal supplements course
  • 12 more herbs studied in depth and much more

What does the course include?

This is an email based course with downloadable course booklets, videos, and more.

Prerequisite: Completion of my Year Long Herbal Medicine course (or equivalent).

Please note: This course is for home use only and does not lead to any form of certification.


Sample course materials

You can download a sample of the course materials example sample course booklet and horse chestnut monograph.


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