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If you have been given a gift voucher for my courses, please browse them here and then get in touch to claim your voucher.

The course materials are all sent via email and can include downloadable course booklets, videos, webinars, recipes, hints and tips and much more.

Free courses

Take a look at the courses I’m offering completely free.

Courses for beginners

If you’re new to learning about herbs, here are some courses to get you started on that journey.

More advanced courses

If you’ve already started learning about herbs and you want to take that further, I have lots of exciting courses to deepen your knowledge.

Courses for health problems

Do you have a particular health problem and are you looking to teach yourself how to improve your health?

Day courses and webinars

If you’re looking to get an overview of a particular subject, e.g. my five amazing weeds webinar.

Home study groups

One of the best ways to learn is in a group with other like minded people. Take a look at the home study groups currently available.

Did you know I offer a mentorship programme?

A mentor can be useful at any stage of your herbal journey, whether you’re a new student looking for support and guidance, a complete beginner looking for one to one advice and learning, or a newly qualified herbalist looking for support.

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