What is plant spirit medicine

What is plant spirit medicine?

Plant spirit medicine can mean different things so I’ll try to explain it as best I can. Many people believe that each plant has a spirit or ‘soul’ and that spirit can help in healing. It’s often thought that this is how herbal medicine really works, it’s the power of the plant spirit that brings about healing, not just on a physical but emotional and spiritual level.

It’s that emotional and spiritual level that plant spirit medicine is often focussed, an example of a type of plant spirit medicine is a flower essence and this might be used to support someone in their grief.

Another example of plant spirit medicine are plants that are burnt through ceremony for connection, healing and many other purposes. These are often called incense or smoke cleansing. Examples of these include juniper, bay leaves and mugwort.

Essential oils and hydrosols are also used for emotional and spiritual healing and are thought to have been used for ceremonies for thousands of years.


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The Sensory Herbal Handbook by The Seed Sistas

Intuitive Herbalism by Nathaniel Hughes and Fiona Owen

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