Courses for beginners

Courses for beginners

New course

The secret herb club

Gain confidence and experience of herbs by learning to use all of your senses.

The ultimate sensory herbal experience.

To access any of my courses and materials you will need a Teachable account (don’t worry, it’s free to sign up and only takes a minute or two).

Free herbal tip sheets

These tip sheets are a great start to your journey to learn more about herbs.

They are all completely free and you can download them to use at any time.

Free course

Herbal home remedies

This introductory course is ideal for the beginner who wants to learn more about making home remedies.

This is course covers the basics of home remedies, with lots of recipes and practical tips.


How to blend herbal teas

This is a short course about how to blend your own herbal teas.

The aim of this course is to provide you with a basic knowledge of teas and infusions and some practical skills so that you can start blending teas at home.

From £24

Herbs for children

From babies to teenagers, from nappy rash to acne. Lots of helpful tips and herbal remedies, when to use herbs and when not to.


Introduction to herbal medicine

This introductory level course is more in depth. We go from simple home remedies to learning more about herbs and how they are medicinal, and we begin looking at the language of herbalists and more in depth medicine making.


The secret herb club

If you’re looking to gain experience and confidence with your herbs by using your senses then this course is for you.

A true sensory herbal journey


Did you know I offer a mentorship programme?

A mentor can be useful at any stage of your herbal journey, whether you’re a new student looking for support and guidance, a complete beginner looking for one to one advice and learning, or a newly qualified herbalist looking for support.

Telephone 07946150721


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