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Top 5 things I learnt creating courses

This is a workshop style webinar where I discussed the top 5 things I learnt from course creation and how to learn from my mistakes!

Recording available online

The course materials are all sent via email and can include downloadable course booklets, videos, webinars, recipes, hints and tips and much more.

Top 5 things I learnt creating courses

This event has now passed but you can watch the recording for free.

Recording available online

Switching from workshops to webinars

This event has now passed and download the materials here.

Free downloadable guide

Creating a correspondence course

Not everyone enjoys online courses or screen based learning, some people prefer pen and paper and that’s absolutely fine.

If you want to create a course but you’re unsure about online courses then this could be a great option for you.


Creating an online course

Online courses are growing in popularity and there hasn’t been a better time to bring herbal medicine into the 21st century.

Creating online courses may seem daunting if you’re not the most tech savvy person or a great writer, but it couldn’t be easier to use simple tools to create great online courses.


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