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How to create a correspondence course

Not everyone enjoys online courses or screen based learning, some people prefer pen and paper and that’s absolutely fine.

If you want to create a course but you’re unsure about online courses then this could be a great option for you.

There are very few paper-based correspondence courses available so there’s a huge gap in the market.

The course materials are all sent via email and can include downloadable course booklets, videos, webinars, recipes, hints and tips and much more.

Creating a correspondence course - full course

Sign up to the six part course.

The course includes step by step guides and lots of resources.

All materials are downloadable.






Or, if you don't want to sign up to the full course, you can simply sign up for the sections that interest you.

Disclaimers, legal stuff (including GDPR) and insurance

Please note: This information is based on the UK system and please do check the requirements of your Country/Region.


Using free pictures to enhance your materials

“The day I discovered Unsplash was the day that changed my life! I love pictures and have always been disappointed with the ones I was forced to use in my older courses.”

Discover how to use free pictures to create beautiful engaging materials.


How to create course material from what you already have

There are many ways to create course materials and it’s important to find what works best for you.

Your students will have different learning styles, backgrounds and skills, so your course materials will need to reflect that.


Printed materials vs emailed documents

Who doesn’t love beautiful stationary?

There are many ways to create printed course materials and I’ll take you through different options and combinations so you can find the right way for you.


How to create good student relationships

The downside to both online and correspondence courses is that in their nature they can be very insular. Students need to interact with you but also they need to interact with each other.

I’ll explain what I’ve done to combat this and ways you can develop good student relationships from the start.


You've got the course - now how do you sell it?

It’s important to say up front that what works for one person isn’t going to work for another person, there are lots of variables involved in selling anything.

I’ll take you through what worked for me and what didn’t and some ways you can discover the right way for you.



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