Where can I find out more information?

Finding good unbiased information about anything on the internet can be tricky, and herbal medicine is no different. There are lots of sites offering all kinds of advice and it can be confusing.

Here are my top sites that come from qualified professionals.


Information on herb and drug interactions

If you’re thinking of taking a herb without consulting a medical herbalist, it is important to check that it is not going to interact with any medication. This information can sometimes be difficult to find if you’re not trained to understand the complexities of pharmacology and how research is made available.

Here are some sites that are for public use.

Both are American websites but the information is relevant to people living across the world.


Information about medical conditions

The NHS website has very clear information about lots of different medical conditions and it’s really the first place to look if you’re looking for information on medical conditions.

There are also websites set up specifically for particular conditions, e.g. The British Heart Foundation for heart disease and stroke.


Information about getting healthy

The internet is filled with adverts about getting healthy and losing weight. Unfortunately those two rarely go hand in hand with those sorts of ‘fad’ diets and ‘extreme weight loss regimes’.

I recommend the BUPA website for tips on making small changes to your lifestyle, diet and exercise.


Information on herbs

This is another area where there is often lots of information but a lot of it is questionable and written by people with little or no training in herbal medicine.

The first place to look are websites of medical herbalists, they can be found via the herbalist search listed below.

The following are websites with reputable information about herbs.


Information on herbalists

There are several herbalist associations in the UK, but the oldest and largest is the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. Some of the other smaller associations do not have the rigorous standards that the NIMH has regarding training, DBS checks, and Continual Personal Development. It is for this reason that unless I know the herbalist personally, I will only recommend herbalists registered with the NIMH.

You can find a NIMH registered herbalist near you here.

Listed below are the equivalent associations for the USA, Australia and New Zealand.