“I finished the research of the herbs and have thoroughly enjoyed the course and it has given me the confidence to make tinctures, teas, syrups and all sorts of other goodies.”

Julie, UK (Introduction to Herbal Medicine)

“I just wanted to say that i have learned a lot and taken away quite a bit of information. I have also enjoyed experimenting and creating herbal creams and teas and tinctures. I am even creating a herbal medicine garden. The course has been great and it is something I would like to continue. To that end I have managed to find a place as an apprentice with Sarah Head at the Springfield Sanctuary, something I am really looking forward to.”

Brian, UK (Year Long Herbal Medicine course)

“I found Laura’s Introduction to Herbalism course through her excellent newsletter. It was an enjoyable course, well structured with lots of opportunities to test out what I had learnt. Laura was happy to answer questions and gave me great advice on what I might think about doing next. It was really good value for money and I enjoyed the combination of practical hands on learning and online. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to explore the medicinal uses of herbs.”

Alissa, Northamptonshire (Introduction to Herbal Medicine)

“When I first realised there was a medical herbalist in Cardiff I was really excited about what would be on offer in the way of courses and the like. I had a look on Laura’s website and was amazed at the courses and workshops available. I enrolled on the Introduction to Herbal Medicine correspondence course. This course was most informative and Laura teaches you how to infuse oils, make tinctures, how to create a first aid cupboard at home and even how to make some lip balms. I am now doing the year long course on herbal medicine which goes into more depth and I am really enjoying it. I have also been to Laura’s cream making workshop, which I loved. Laura explained how creams work and we all had a go at making our own creams, which was a fascinating process. I also went to one of Laura’s herb walks and I wish I had had time to go to more! Really fascinating to be shown what is growing where and when and what to do with it. Thank you Laura!”

Rity, Cardiff

“Laura’s courses are very well put together, packed with information and great fun. Being introduced to plants in their natural habitat, harvesting and working them into preparations is the best way to get to the point of really appreciating what they can do and how to go about using them. Laura shares her impressive knowledge in an accessible and informative way, making the courses very enjoyable and there’s always great people to meet, who share a common interest. I was so enthralled by the first course I attended that I took the same one again the following year – different again and just as valuable, as the mix of available plants always differs in the woodland. I’d highly recommend Laura’s courses to everyone – attending one is a big step to recovering some of the precious knowledge we had stepped aside from over the years and putting it back into practical use.”

Ian, Worcestershire (Medicinal plants course with Native Awareness)

“I’m currently on the year-long herbal medicine course by distance learning. I was looking for a practical herbal course that focused on how to apply knowledge rather than just learn theories and Laura’s course has more than met this. Since starting the course, I’ve been using the wonderful gift box that you get when joining the course to make my own balms, tinctures and infusions to create beautiful gifts as well as home remedies. My utility is like an apothecary! The flexibility in the course also means I can fit in the study and practice around work. But perhaps most valuable is the feedback from Laura and her endless knowledge when you ask questions. If you’re interested in this course, don’t hesitate – book!”

Michelle, Bath (Year Long Herbal Medicine course)

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