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Monthly herbal medicine research – October 13

This month the following research on herbs and health have caught my eye.

1. A study of 800 women is Sweden has found that increased stress in mid life is linked to an increase in Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

2. New evidence has shown that probiotics can be effective in a treatment regime for the intestinal infection Clostridium difficile.

3. Can vitamin D supplements improve bone density? The jury is still out, the Lancet have stated that it does not but some smaller studies have conflicting evidence.

4. Shocking research in the USA has shown a huge increase in fatty liver disease in children due to obesity.

5. Broccoli has been found to inhibit colon cancer in laboratory studies.

6. In a study of over 300 people with nausea following an operation, ginger essential oil was given to them to inhale, the rate of nausea was greatly reduced.

7. Saw palmetto continues to be studied for it’s use in treating benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH).


Rose hips (Rosa canina) have been a traditional medicine for colds and flu but new studies are looking at their anti-inflammatory action. This study found that patients with osteoarthritis who took rose hip powder over a three month period found a reduction in their symptoms.