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My Healing Journey

My Healing Journey

So where have I been over the past 6 months?

I really wanted to take the time to heal myself fully, to take the time away and really focus on finding a new normal after the pandemic.

Being a healer and someone who works in a spiritual and energetic way, things take their toll, often in ways that I am not always conscious of at the time. For me, I knew that it would take several years to get back to this new normal.

I knew that I would be healing on a much deeper level and it was going to take time to feel myself again, or a version of myself at least. I think we are ever changing and it’s natural to change and grow in all aspects of life.

A huge part of the healing was on an elemental level and I think this is why cold water swimming has been such a lifeline for me. The feeling of being held by the water, in this vast expanse, it’s something that speaks to me on an elemental level.

And yes I have become one of those people, so I will be mentioning the benefits of cold water a lot! (Sorry!)

I was definitely suffering from burnout and had been for some time, but that can be difficult accept in yourself to really say, no, I’m not going to do that anymore. I was limping on and hoping that things would improve but of course they never do.

So really I was struggling on all levels and that is difficult to accept, because I knew that I would be facing a lot of challenges and would have to make changes, some of which were going to be uncomfortable and I felt that I might be judged for that too.

I am keen to help others heal in this same well, particularly healers and therapists, or those people who feel drawn to that role. We have been put through the ringer and I want to help us get back to our new selves. That is why I am running Heal the Healer workshops and programmes. More on that soon.