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Learning more about natural remedies – short home study courses

1509692_10152426363129282_4668817464924853873_nAt the majority of herb walks that I run I get asked how people can find out more about making their own remedies. While some people can commit to coming to some of my workshops, the majority of people don’t have the time or often money to attend.

Now is a critical time for people to become more aware of self care and how important it is. Herbal medicines are a natural alternative, safe (within reason), and inexpensive way of treating yourself and family. Plus making the remedies can be fun and rewarding.

In September I launched my herbal home remedies course, a short introductory course for people wanting to take the first steps into making simple herbal remedies at home.

In the last few weeks I have been working on my next online herbal medicine courses, and I am ready to launch my next two courses:

Build your own herbal home remedies chest – this is a more in-depth look at home remedies but at the same introductory level as the herbal home remedies course.

Introduction to herbal medicine – this is a course for those who already have an interest in herbs and would like to find out more.

croppedEach course comes with a herbal goodies box containing dried herbs, ingredients to make home remedies, jars and bottles and a free herbal gift.