“Sustainability is really at the heart of my practice. The herbs (and foods) we consume have a big impact on not only ourselves but our environment. It is essential to not only to understand where your herbs come from but how they were grown, by whom and for what?

If you are wildcrafting, is that sustainable? How many other people are also taking from the same resource? 

If you are growing your own (great!), where do your seeds come from? What about the earth you are using to grow the seeds?”

A sustainable practice doesn’t just stop at the herbs, I consider the impact to the earth on all of my products and services. Wherever possible I am now using reusable containers (glassware), and completely compostable packaging.

Where that is not possible the packaging can be recycled.

By the end of 2019 I intend to be completely plastic free (I am about 98% there already).


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