Distance Learning Courses

Welcome to my distance learning herbal medicine courses

1There are a several other distance learning herbal medicine courses out there but very few of them are actually written by herbalists. I wanted to write these courses because the knowledge of herbal medicine in the UK is being lost and I believe the only way to keep it alive is to bring people back to using herbs in their homes.

Each of my courses are designed to be built upon, so you can move from one course to the next if you so wish.

None of my herbal medicine courses currently lead to a qualification in herbal medicine, they are all meant for home use.

The year long course could be used in conjunction with other qualifications to build on your knowledge, but they do not stand as qualifications in their own right.

The first year of my herbal apprenticeship leads to a certificate of completion.

Completion of the full four year apprenticeship programme leads to a Diploma in Herbal Medicine and the ability to practice as a medical herbalist.

If you have any questions about any of the courses please get in touch.

Please note that these courses are available outside the UK, but due to the postage and import restrictions regarding sending herbs to other countries, they do not include a herbal goody box.

Level one



Herbal home remedies course

This introductory course is ideal for the beginner who wants to learn more about making home remedies.



Level two


Introduction to herbal medicine – home study course

A six part course covering home remedies, herb gathering and medicine making, herbal medicine and the law, an in depth look at five panacea herbs and much more.



Level three

rose hips

Year long herbal course

This year long course consists of monthly modules covering a wide range of herbal topics. A payment plan is available, click here for more details.



Level four



Medical Herbalist Training Programme
For those people wanting to further their knowledge in herbal medicine, the first year can be taken as a stand alone course. The first year can form the first part of a four year professional diploma to become a medical herbalist. For more details click here.