Mini consultations

Mini consultations last between 20 and 30 minutes and are suitable for less complicated cases, e.g. coughs, colds and hay fever etc. A short physical examination may be required depending on the case. Please note that if your case is more complicated you may require a full consultation to go into more detail.

Initial consultations

The Whitchurch Clinic treatment room

Initial consultations last approximately an hour and will cover not only the problem that you have come with, but also your past medical history, diet and general health. Laura will carry out a physical examination if appropriate (blood pressure and pulse will always be taken) and formulate individual herbal medicines for your needs. Laura may also refer you to other practitioners, including your GP, if appropriate.

The Whitchurch Clinic treatment room

Follow-up consultations

Follow-up consultations last approximately 30 minutes and cover any changes in your health and an evaluation will be made as to how the medicine is working. The herbal prescription may be changed and a physical examination may be carried out.


Can consultations take place via Skype?

There are some circumstances where a consultation can take place via Skype, but in most cases an ‘in person’ initial consultation will need to take place in person first.



Laura Carpenter

Laura Carpenter

Herbal medicines

Herbal medicines are prescribed on an individual basis to take into account the health of each person.

They can consist of herbal teas, tinctures (herbal constituents extracted in alcohol), creams, ointments, oils, powders or capsules. More than one type of medicine may be prescribed at one time but this will be discussed at the consultation.

Herbal medicines are dispensed by Laura on a clinic day and are either available for collection at the Whitchurch Clinic reception or will be posted. Please see the Fees page for more details.

How long will I need to take the medicine?

After the initial consultation an assessment will be made as to whether herbal medicine would help and an estimated time frame. This will differ depending on a person’s health and lifestyle.


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